First Canadian Global Warming Lawsuit Launched

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Friends of the Earth Canada, a non-profit environmental organization has filed the first global warming lawsuit against the Government of Canada. The environmental and toxic tort lawsuit was filed in Federal Court by Sierra Legal alleging that the government abandoned its commitment to cut greenhouse gases to the levels in line with the Kyoto Protocol.

The Canadian government ratified the Kyoto Treaty in 2002 and then in April 2007, turned turncoat with its “Turning the Corner” climate strategy that would leave the country and its citizens off-target by 39-percent in 2012. According to the lawsuit, this would also mean the targets for cutting greenhouse gases would not be achieved by 2020 or 2025 as well.

The lawsuit is asking the Canadian government to reinstate policies to cut global warming by reducing greenhouse gases to 6-percent below the 1990 levels as ratified in the Kyoto Protocol.


Father of Fatally Injured St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Sues

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The father of fatally injured St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher, Josh Hancock, is suing a restaurant owned by another former St. Louis Cardinal. Dean Hancock has decided to sue Mike Shannon’s Restaurant over the wrongful death of his son according to the state’s dram shop liability laws.

The lawsuit is for more than $25,000 from the restaurant who was allegedly serving Josh Hancock drinks for 3 ½ hours after a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game had ended on April 28. Josh Hancock afterwards was driving 68 mph in a 55 mph zone and hit the back of a tow truck as he was talking on a cell phone with his blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

The tow truck company, Eddie’s Towing and the driver of the stalled car that was being towed are also named in the lawsuit.


Man Disabled by Drunken Driver Wins Lawsuit Over Access

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A man who was disabled by a drunken driver and confined to a wheelchair has sued and won a lawsuit against the city of Riverside, California for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). John Lonberg sued the city 10 years ago and finally won his court case.

The city was shown to be in violation of 189 access points on curbs. The city of Riverside has 4 months to fix all curbs and must pay Mr. Lonberg $221,000 in damages for inhibited him from becoming a “self-reliant member of the community”.


Fan Sues Mets for Letting Drunken Man Fall on Her

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A fan who was at the home season opener of the New York Met’s baseball game is suing the organization for negligence. According to reports, a blonde 300-pound drunken man who was acting in an intoxicated manner over a long period of time, fell upon Ellen Massey, 58, and crushed several of her vertebras requiring surgery to repair.

The drunken man is now being called a John Doe since he was not stopped when he attempted to leave and his identity is now unknown. Massey was hospitalized for two weeks after surgery, as rods and screws were used to repair her spinal column. Massey, an attorney, was with her nephews when the incident occurred.


Lawsuit Filed in Botched Drug Raid that Kills 92-year-old Woman

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In Atlanta, the niece of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death. Last November, police conducted a drug raid based on a faulty tip from an informant.

Narcotics officers burst into Johnson’s home on a no-knock warrant, inspiring her to fire at the unknown intruders in self-protection. Police fired back, killing the woman. Two officers have already plead guilty to manslaughter while a third is awaiting other charges.

The wrongful death lawsuit is expected to be filed within the next two weeks. A claim has already been made by the niece, which usually precedes litigation.