O.J. Simpson Book Rights Go to Goldman’s

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In Florida, a Federal bankruptcy judge’s court-appointed trustee has awarded Fred Goldman the rights to O. J. Simpson’s unpublished book titled “If I Did It.” The awarding of rights will help with the $38 million wrongful death lawsuit that the Brown’s and Goldman’s had previously won, but have barely collected upon.

The Brown’s who stepped into the book lawsuit at the last minute will be awarded 10-percent of the proceeds of the sale of the Simpson chronicles with the Goldman’s being awarded the remainder. Fred Goldman and Denise Brown are currently at odds as to whether the book should be published at all.

Fred Goldman at first did not want “If I Did It” published and took legal action to have it blocked from sale. Goldman has changed his stance since then, but Denise Brown has stated that she believes copycat killings will result from the publishing of the book and thus does not want the manuscript to be made public.


Many Bitter After $660 Million Catholic Priest Settlement

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The recent $660 million settlement in the Catholic Priest sexual abuse scandal in Southern California has left some vindicated and others outraged. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles led by Cardinal Roger M. Mahony settled the case days before Mahony would have had to testify at trial.

The settlement, the largest ever for a case of this type, covered 508 plaintiffs who were sexually abused by Catholic clergy. By many accounts, Mahony himself was able to escape further criminal and civil charges with the settlement even though he was negligent in reporting incident of sexual abuse and child rape to police authorities and chose instead to reassign priests to different locations.


McDonald’s In Hot Water Again with Lawsuit

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Well, the hot coffee lawsuit against McDonald’s several years ago was bad enough and now the mega-burger chain is in hot water again for refusing service to a woman born with Holt-Oram Syndrome (hands six inches from her shoulders).

Since birth, Dawn Larson has used her feet instead of her hands and has even managed to grasp hold of a driver’s permit. According to the lawsuit, an employee and manager at the McDonald’s restaurant in Rockford, Illinois refused her service because of her disability. The employee is reported to have said, before closing the window on Larson, “Oh, no, I’m not doing this”.

To add insult to injury, Larson later received from McDonald’s $10 in gift certificates to compensate her for the humiliating incident witnessed by her children who were in the car at the time. The amount of the lawsuit has not been disclosed.