Yahoo Human Rights Lawsuit

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Yahoo has been accused of aiding the Chinese government in stopping the spread of democracy in that country. In San Francisco federal court, the World Organization for Human Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wang Xiaoning’s wife.

Wang Xiaoning was jailed in China for the online promotion of democracy and subversive behavior against the government. Yahoo is accused of aiding and abetting the Chinese government by collecting personal data such as name and address of its bloggers and handing this information over to the Chinese.


Mattel Lawsuit Seeks Testing Children For Lead Poisoning

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A lawsuit against Mattel was filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court. The Mattel class action lawsuit seeks monetary damages that will go towards testing children for lead poisoning because of the paint used on the toy products.

The massive Mattel recall involved toys made in China that were manufactured with lead paint and also toys that had small magnets that could fall off and choke small children. The Mattel lawsuit is the first of its kind, but more litigation of the same nature will likely follow.


Lindsay Lohan Looks Personal Injury Lawsuit in Face

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Tracie Rice has teamed up with a couple of California personal injury lawyers to sue the troubled actress Lindsay Lohan for assault and infliction of emotional distress. The claim states that Miss Lohan chased Rice through the city streets of Los Angeles and could have cause physical injury or death.

Michelle Peck was driving the car that Rice was in before the high-speed chase ensued. Lohan was later arrested for DUI and booked on possession of narcotics as well. Rice is asking for unspecified damages in the lawsuit.


Minnesota 35W Bridge Lawsuits Likely

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As soon as the Minnesota Interstate 35W Bridge collapsed, there was an immediate call from the public regarding who was responsible for this tragedy. While the cause and responsibility of the bridge collapse may be 6 months to 1 year away as investigators put together the pieces of what had happened, initial reports say that lawsuits are immanent.

Private contractors and insurers could face hundreds of millions of dollars in wrongful death lawsuits and to a much lesser extent, the government could face a much smaller payout as well. Minnesota state’s liability is limited to $1 million total in the incident. Besides wrongful death, other insurance claims will most likely involve auto claims, property damage, worker’s compensation and even business interruption.