Kentucky Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed

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A teacher in the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) District has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the elementary school where she works. This comes right after a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision involving the same school district over similar charges.

Fifth-grade teacher Lorraine Hill, who is black, is claiming that she was denied a transfer to a school closer to her resident solely because of her race. The lawsuit states that the JCPS policy of Singleton Ratio is a discriminatory quota that limits the hiring and transferring of African-American teachers to 15-percent.


Dan Rather Sues CBS News for Wrongful Termination

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Dan Rather has decided to sue CBS News for $70 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit. The celebrity journalist left the news division in June 2006 after a 60-Minutes Memogate scandal cost several colleagues their jobs and Rather his reputation.

Memogate centered around President Bush and his time in the Texas Air National Guard and some dubious documents that were provided as evidence. The lawsuit claims that parent company Viacomm violated the terms of the contract with Dan Rather and also sought to tarnish his reputation and his ability to seek reemployment.


Advocate Groups Stop Pepper Spray of Disabled Youth Inmates

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Advocacy groups Texas Appleseed and Advocacy Incorporated have filed a lawsuit against the Texas Youth Commission over using pepper spray on young inmates with mental disabilities. The lawsuit was brought forth on behalf of three 15-year-olds who have had pepper spray used on them or been threatened with its use.

According to the advocacy groups the use of pepper spray has gone up dramatically this year and unfairly targets kids with disabilities who tend to act out more. Pepper spray was introduced as a policy as a method of last resort, but the practical use, according to the lawsuit has been one of intimidation and punishment rather than rehabilitation.


Methadone Clinic Pays $1 Million to Settle Lawsuit

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A methadone clinic in Portland, Maine has settled a lawsuit for $1 million with the U. S. government. The U. S. Attorney General’s Office has stated that CAP Quality Care, Incorporated, increased the illegal use of methadone in the area by improper dispensing methods.

The government alleged an the clinic had an unreliable inventory methodology that let patients walk away with from the clinic with unaccounted for methadone. The government also alleged that the clinic falsified documents to cover up its practices.