Pavarotti’s Widow Files Defamation Lawsuit

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The widow fame tenor Luciano Pavarotti has filed a $44 million lawsuit against two former friends. In September 2007, Pavarotti died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. The lawsuit for defamation of character are against Franca Corfini Strata and Lidia La Marca who have been making statements to the media about marital strife between Pavarotti and wife, Nicoletta Mantovani before his death.

The lawsuit seeks $22 million from each woman and Mantovani says the proceeds of the litigation will be donated to charity. At stake in the lawsuit is the future earning power of the estate and any damages it may incur by false statements and rumors.


Family of Slain 92-Year-Old File Suit Against Atlanta

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The City of Atlanta and Police Department has had a lawsuit filed against them exactly one year from when 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was slain in a high profile case. Police had obtained a “no-knock” warrant based on phony information from an informant.

Thinking intruders were breaking in, a scared Ms. Johnston fired off one shot from an old gun at police. The police responded by firing 39 shots, killing Johnston in injuring other officers. According to reports, some officers then proceeded to plant marijuana around the house and falsify reports to cover up the mistake.

Officers Jason Smith and Gregg Junnier have pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and face sentencing soon. The lawsuit alleges corrupt practices by the Atlanta Police Department and that the City knew about these practices and showed gross indifference to these practices.


Judge Lost Pants Now Loses His Shirt

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Judge Roy Pearson had brought forth a $54 million lawsuit against South Korean immigrants who own a dry cleaning company saying they had lost a pair of his pants. Pearson who was an administrative law judge in Washington D. C. has now lost his job over the incident.

Pearson was suing Customs Cleaners for the loss of his trousers, mental anguish and attorneys fees, which he calculated to be $67 million, but later reduced to $54 million. Pearson claimed the cleaners did not live up to their “satisfaction guaranteed” motto.

Pearson was deselected for another term as judge as apparently his performance was not satisfactory.


Washington Woman Awarded $4 Million in Lawsuit Over Crash

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A Bellevue, Washington was awarded $4 million in a settlement involving a car crash with a police officer 3 years ago. The police officer resigned in 2006, when investigators found the crash was avoidable.

The police officer was driving down an alleyway at 35 mph in pursuit of a DUI suspect when hitting the Bellevue woman. The woman sustained traumatic brain injuries as a result of the accident and required months of recovery time.

The woman had been home from Bulgaria where she was studying under a Fulbright Scholarship. The woman has since been able to complete her studies.