Parents of 6-year-old File Pool Entrapment Lawsuit

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In Greenwich, Connecticut, parents of a 6-year-old boy have filed a lawsuit against the pool manufacturer, Shoreline Pools and the city in regard to a fatal drowning. According to the lawsuit, the boy was trapped by the water intake at the deep end of the pool and could not set himself free, nor the father who tried to free his son.

The child was eventually freed when the mother raced to cut power to the entire facility. The parents tried CPR but were unsuccessful in reviving their child. Over the past 20 years there have been 48 reported fatalities from swimming pool drain entrapments.


Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Brought Against Green Bay Catholic Diocese

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The Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal continues, at least in Green Bay as a person named John Doe 119 has filed a lawsuit against a former priest and the diocese. According to the lawsuit, ex-priest John Patrick Feeney is named as the offender and the Green Bay Diocese is named as covering up the criminal behavior of the priest.

The lawsuit states that the Green Bay Diocese transferred a known child sexual predator to the Las Vegas diocese where the sexual abuse took place on a 13-year-old boy in 1984. The lawsuit states the church failed to protect its parishioners after it was discovered that Father Feeney had a diagnosable and untreatable sexual disorder.


Georgia Prisoners File Lawsuit Against Guards

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Georgia prisoners have filed a class-action lawsuit against corrections officers for allegedly beating and torturing the inmates. The lawsuit tells a story of routine beatings of restrained inmates along with deprivation of food and water throughout the state.

The charges also allege that over 40 guards sought to cover up the beatings by denying photographs of the affected inmates and denying visits with family members. The suit says guards used nightsticks, combat boots and special “beating gloves” to attack inmates.


IBM Toxic Plume Lawsuit Filed

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Approximately 90 New York residents have filed a toxic tort lawsuit against IBM that they say caused birth defects in infants and cancer in adults. The lawsuit claims a toxic plume of chemicals including trichloroethylene was released from an IBM plant into the soil, groundwater and air.

According to the seven law firms representing the clients, the toxic chemicals caused personal injury and wrongful death to family of the plaintiffs. One of the law firms included in the case is Masry & Vititoe made famous by the movie “Erin Brockovich.”