People with Disabilities in Napa Valley Getting Fair Housing

Posted in Discrimination at 3:46 pm by kevin

Napa Valley, California is also called “wine country” because of the number of vineyards and wineries in that location. Tourism brings in a lot of money from upscale wine connoisseurs and weekend wine tasters.

But, in the midst of this flowing wine and money, some people with disabilities haven’t been given a fair shake when it comes to housing. The 1991 Americans with Disabilities Act states simply that people in wheelchairs must have access to buildings.

One of the largest apartment developers in the U. S. with over 12,000 apartments, A.G. Spanos Companies settled the lawsuit. Some of the apartment units mentioned in the lawsuit reside in the city of Napa, California.

A.G. Spanos has agreed to spend $7.4 million to remodel apartment units nationally and $4.2 million into the National Fair Housing Alliance so that people with disabilities outside of the Spanos properties can make necessary modifications.

It is usually the architects and builders who are relied upon to bring the units up to Federal Fair Housing code and in this case it was found their was no willful disregard to do so. The settlement will also mean that the Fair Housing Napa Valley will get an extra $50,000 to make grants for people with disabilities within the county.