Toyota Class Action Products Liability Lawsuit Imminent

Posted in Products Liability at 6:07 pm by kevin

A group of lawyers representing those injured or killed by Toyota cars are filing a nation-wide class action lawsuit against the world’s largest automaker. This products liability lawsuit concerns a document that says Toyota new about the unexpected acceleration of its Camry vehicles as early as 2002.

The document also counters the claim by Toyota that the unexpected acceleration was caused by faulty floor mats or sticky gas pedals. According to the Toyota technical service bulletin, dealerships were notified in 2002 about a problem with the Engine Control Module.

Toyota has continued to deny this was the problem. If this were to be the problem, the estimated cost of repair would be around $500 per vehicle, putting the total costs into the billions of dollars. Another reason that Toyota has pointed towards in the rapid acceleration is “driver error”.

If Toyota is found responsible in a court of law, then the costs could also be in the billions of dollars. The attorney representing the case will appear in San Diego later this week and make an appeal with the courts to combine the 88 individual lawsuits into one class action suit.