BP Oil Spill and Personal Injury Claims

Posted in Environmental, Negligence at 3:56 pm by kevin

The BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast region has been acknowledged as the largest environmental catastrophe in U. S. history. The Federal government has just forced BP in setting aside a $20 billion escrow fund (which is not a cap they say) in order to pay for claims arising from the oil disaster.

BP has also set aside a $100 million fund for its own workers who are unemployed because of this disaster. Meanwhile it is reported by CNN that BP workers (and out of work fishermen now working for BP) have been told not to wear protective gear in the cleanup effort.

This leads to a whole host of questions about legal issues that will be arising out of this BP oil spill disaster. The first and foremost is will the company survive this or will they go under? BP has said they will not offer a dividend to shareholders throughout 2010.

Since this is an environmental disaster, what kind of personal injury claims might go to court because of this? First, and foremost may be wrongful death cases of the 11 workers killed in the explosion on the platform.

Second, health issues from the workers who were told not to wear protective gear when cleaning up the oil spill may suffer medical consequences, injuries and bills because of this action on BP’s part.

Third, the citizens living around the Gulf Coast may suffer illnesses related to the oil spill including the dispersants used by BP to try to contain the oil at sea. The claims are just beginning and litigation on these cases, either individually or class action will continue for years.