SeaWorld, Disney Not Happiest Places for Wrong Death Lawsuits

Posted in Wrongful Death at 6:33 pm by kevin

They may be the happiest places on earth for the visitors who go to Disney World or Sea World in Florida. But, two recent high profile death concerning employees at both places are leaving the families of the departed wondering if and how much each facility will be held accountable for the deaths of their loved ones.

Austin Wuennenberg, a Disney World monorail driver was killed July 5, 2009. Wuennenberg’s mother has served Disney World with a wrongful death lawsuit.

On February, 24, 2010, Sea World Orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau was killed by the largest of the whales, Tilikum. Brancheau’s husband has sought legal representation but has not filed a lawsuit yet.

According to lawyers and lawmakers in Florida, both cases are either likely to fail or come up short in regard to compensation compared to employees in other states. Laws favoring businesses against employees have been strengthened over the past 10 years in regard to caps on damages and standards of evidence that need to be presented by plaintiffs in order to win their cases.