Frivolous Lawsuit Regarding Exploding Escargot

Posted in Frivolous Lawsuits at 12:00 am by kevin

If it wasn’t for the fact that a frivolous lawsuit takes up the time of the plaintiff, defendants, the courts and many times lawyers and staff, some could be called entertaining. Such is not the case, however, in Northern California at a San Rafael restaurant where two men sued the restaurant for “exploding escargot”.

Supposedly garlic butter from the Seafood Peddler snails escaped from the shells and got splattered upon the shirts of the two men. The $7,500 lawsuit alleged negligence, pain and suffering along with staff indifference.

It’s these kinds of frivolous lawsuits that clog up the courts and push back dates for actual personal injury lawsuits that have merit. This case would have been better suited for Judge Judy than Judge Chernus who had to hear and rule on this ridiculous case. Mark another one up for the Darwin Awards.