Blizzard Wrongful Death Case No Snow Job

Posted in Wrongful Death at 12:23 am by kevin

When New York City officials ignored blizzard warnings then failed to call for a snow emergency this lead to direful consequences. At least this is the contention of a family who lost their 75-year-old mother due to a heart attack and an ambulance that was 3 hours late in arriving due to the snow.

Because the streets were not plowed and because it took 45 minutes for 911 operators to answer the phone calls for help, the family of Yvonne Freeman is suing for wrongful death. The $20 million lawsuit is the first blizzard related wrongful death suit in America’s largest city.

The Freeman family is suing multiple agencies within NYC stating severe negligence in this case. The family also wants the city to make policy changes so that no one else will ever die again because of inaction of city officials to call a state of emergency when obviously necessary.