Gun Manufacturer Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Posted in Wrongful Death at 9:50 am by kevin

Massachusetts gun-maker Kahr Arms settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $600,000. According to the lawsuit, Danny Guzman who was 26-years-old at the time was killed outside of a Worcester nightclub in 1999 after a gun was smuggled out from the company by an employee who was a known criminal.

According to Star News Online, “In a 2002 wrongful death suit against Kahr Arms, of Worcester, Guzman’s family alleged that the gun was stolen and later sold by a Kahr employee with a criminal record.

“The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence announced the settlement in Washington, D.C., calling it the largest damages payment ever made by a gun manufacturer accused of negligence leading to the criminal use of a gun.”

The family of Danny Guzman said that Kahr Arms should have done more to protect the public such as run background checks on their employees and install metal detectors at the doors of the facility.