Canadian Conservatives Sue Asbestos Widow

Posted in Wrongful Death at 12:31 pm by kevin

Canadian conservatives are threatening to sue a widow who lost her husband to lung cancer because of his contact with asbestos. The widow has now turned into an anti-asbestos activisit.

According to the National Post, “In 2007, Ms. Keyserlingk’s husband, Robert, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer that attacks the internal walls of the lungs. As a non-smoker and marathon runner, Mr. Keyserlingk doctors soon traced the illness to a string of summers he had spent as a naval cadet. Living on a ship in close-quarters with asbestos-insulated pipes, Mr. Keyserlingk had inhaled enough of the fibers to lay the seeds of an asbestos-linked disease 40 years later. He died of the disease in December, 2009.”

The widow, Michaela Keyserlingk, states that Canada is the only country in the G8 that continues to mine and export asbestos even when it has been proven on numerous occasions to cause cancer. One only has to check out the numerous mesothelioma lawsuits and verdicts to see that this is true. If you follow the link I’ve posted you can see a picture of an open pit mine in the city of Asbestos, Quebec. Enough said.