Man Gets $2 Million in Colonoscopy Lawsuit

Posted in Medical Malpractice at 5:27 pm by kevin

A Philadelphia jury decided that two doctors were at fault and rewarded a 62-year-old man $2 million in a colonoscopy gone wrong case. According to the case, the man had perforations in his colon due to the initial colonoscopy and the follow up colonoscopy.

The jury decided that the doctors had overinflated the patient’s colon and as a result had to remove over 24-inches of his lower intestine in this medical malpractice case.

According to post-gazette.com, “A 12-member Philadelphia jury deliberated for eight hours over two days before finding this month that Michael Resnick, who performed the colonoscopy on Richard McCade, was 60 percent negligent for Mr. McCade’s perforated colon and resulting surgeries. The jury found Lawrence M. Wald was 40 percent negligent for allegedly further perforating Mr. McCade’s colon during follow-up procedures to fix subsequent complications from the initial tear.”

Because of the perforations, the patient had to seek emergency care on two different occasions. The initial CT scan showed no perforation, but a CT scan a few days later confirmed that there was a perforation in the patient’s colon.