Frivolous Lawsuit over Movie Theatre Popcorn Filed

Posted in Frivolous Lawsuits at 5:09 pm by kevin

A Michigan man has filed a class-action lawsuit against a movie theatre in what he’s calling a price gouging case. The man has stated that he doesn’t like the price of popcorn, candy and soda at the local theatre so he’s willing to bring a lawsuit to test the boundaries of the consumer protection laws in that state.

According to the Vancouver Sun, “Thompson, an avid moviegoer from Livonia, Mich., used to bypass the high prices charged for theatre popcorn, soda and candy by bringing in his own treats, said his attorney, Kerry Morgan. But Thompson arrived at his local theater outside Detroit recently to find a new sign telling customers they were no longer allowed to bring in their own goodies.”

Some people are calling this a frivolous lawsuit, taking up the court’s time, man-power and man hours along with that of the attorneys and company involved. We’ll let you form your own opinion on this one.