James Holmes Batman Massacre Lawsuit

Posted in Negligence at 10:03 am by kevin

The weekend after one of the deadliest massacres in Colorado history, an 18-year-old man is filing a lawsuit. Narrowly escaping the bullets of James Holmes (allegedly), Torrence Brown Jr. is filing a lawsuit against the movie theater operators, Holmes’ doctors and Warner Brothers studios.

Brown who said he narrowly escaped with his life and was traumatized by the incident is suing the movie theaters for not guarding the exit doors and providing sufficient security in order to stop or mitigate the losses.

In regard to Holmes’ doctors, the New York Post says, “The potential plaintiffs also plan to target Holmes doctors, arguing they should have more closely monitored the neuroscience student for medications he might have been taking.”

And finally, Brown says he intends to sue Warner Brothers studios who produced the “Dark Knight” Batman movie for setting the violent tone in the shooting.