After 20 Years in Prison Exonerated Man Sues State

Alvin Jardine III, after spending 20 years in prison in Hawaii is suing the State, Maui County, the Maui Police Department and the estate of Antonio Funes.

Jardine was convicted of sexual assault, kidnapping and burglary after jurors in two earlier trials could not agree on guilt or innocence.

According to the Maui News, “…Circuit Judge Joel August vacated Jardine’s convictions and ordered a new trial for Jardine based on the results of new DNA testing of a tablecloth draped over a papasan at the victim’s residence during the attack.

“Testing by an independent laboratory, using science developed after Jardine was convicted, excluded Jardine as a contributor of male DNA detected on three of four stains of body fluids on the tablecloth.”
Mr. Jardine is suing for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment.