Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Lawsuits Continue to Roll In

Posted in Abuse at 5:01 pm by kevin

I started blogging about the Catholic priest sex abuse lawsuits in 2007 and the hits just keep rolling in. Another lawsuit was filed Monday in Pennsylvania against Catholic church leaders for allowing Brother Stephen Baker to have access to teenagers he allegedly sexually assaulted.

According to WKBN.com, “Johnstown, Pa. attorney Richard Serbin filed a lawsuit Monday in Blair County Court for three unnamed alleged sexual abuse victims, who were molested by Baker while they were students at Bishop McCort High School. Baker was a religious teacher, baseball coach and athletic trainer at Bishop McCort and held the same positions at Warren’s John F. Kennedy High School.

“Serbin said Monday in a phone interview he has more than three clients that Baker abused and said he would likely add more to the lawsuit. He also said he expects more to come forward throughout the process.”

And if this wasn’t enough, far across the U. S. map in Hawaii six men are suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu having claimed to have been sexually abused as youths by five priests.

According to Pacific Business News, “One of the men, Greg Owen, a Big Island farmer, appeared at a news conference Thursday arranged by Honolulu law firm Rosenberg & McKay, which filed the lawsuit in First Circuit Court. The other five plaintiffs were not identified.”

Just last week the embattled Cardinal Roger Mahony was deposed about a different set of Catholic priest sex abuse cases. And, now he is in Rome helping to choose a new pope.