Football Helmet Maker Riddell Found 27-Percent at Fault

Posted in Negligence at 4:41 pm by kevin

A jury in Colorado found football helmet maker Riddell 27-percent at fault in the sports injury of Rhett Ridolfi who suffered traumatic brain injury. The jury awarded $3.1 million to the family of the injured player.

According to Winnipeg Free Press, “In Colorado, the jury assessed 27 per cent of the fault for Rhett Ridolfi’s injuries, making it responsible for paying $3.1 million of the damages. Ridolfi’s lawyer Frank Azar said Sunday he’ll ask a judge to find Riddell responsible for paying all $11.5 million in damages …

“…Ridolfi’s family sued Riddell and his coaches after Ridolfi suffered a concussion in a Trinidad High School football practice. He wasn’t immediately taken to the hospital, and Azar said Ridolfi now has severe brain damage, plus paralysis on his left side. Three people reached confidential settlements before the verdict Saturday, but two coaches were still defendants at the trial.”

The jury found Riddell negligent in informing coaches and players about the dangers of concussion and not about the design of the helmet. Riddell has other lawsuits pending by thousands NFL players.