South Carolina Hospital Charged in Baby Gender Lawsuit

Posted in Medical Malpractice at 3:48 pm by kevin

In South Carolina a hospital is being charge with irreversibly changing the gender of a baby. The lawsuit is being brought forward by the advocacy group, Southern Poverty Law Center and Advocates for Informed Choice.

According to Advocate.com, “The 16-month-old child, identified as M.C., was born with an intersex condition, where the child’s reproductive or sexual anatomy does not fit typical male or female classification. Most children with these conditions eventually develop as male or female, but M.C.’s phallus was removed in an attempt to make the child a girl, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Advocates for Informed Choice …

“… At the time of the surgery, M.C. was under the state’s care but living with guardians. The lawsuit charges that the doctors performed medical malpractice by failing to provide adequate information before proceeding with the surgery. M.C.’s guardians reportedly were not made aware of the significant risks of the surgery or the alternative of not having surgery at all. Currently, doctors and advocates recommend that intersex children be assigned a gender at birth, but are encouraged to hold off on any unnecessary surgery until they are old enough to self-identify with a gender.”