Man with Cerebral Palsy Killed in Jail Due to Jailor Neglect

Posted in Negligence at 4:47 pm by kevin

The family of a Granite City, Illinois man with cerebral palsy is suing the local Village of Cahokia and 11 law enforcement officer for $1 million. The man was jailed for allegedly stealing a Walmart motorized vehicle and then a violent criminal was placed in the same cell.

According to the Belleville News Democrat, “Mark E. Luster, 42, of Cahokia, is charged with killing Timothy Johnson, 25, of Granite City, while the two were inmates at the Cahokia jail. The federal suit alleges jailers placed Johnson, Luster and another inmate in a two-person cell at the Cahokia jail on May 12, 2012, then ignored Luster’s threats to harm his fellow inmates …

“…Johnson was arrested on May 12 on suspicion of stealing a motorized cart from a Walmart next to his home, according to court documents. Due to his disability, Johnson needed crutches to walk … At some point, Johnson tried to get the attention of guards to help the third inmate who was having asthma-related health issues. Luster allegedly became angry with Johnson for requesting help, then killed him in the cell.”

According to court documents, Mark Luster had allegedly told jailors of his intent to harm his cellmates before this incident.