Antisocial Psychopath Sues Nike in Shoe Stomping Incident

Posted in Frivolous Lawsuits at 10:58 am by kevin

An Oregon pimp who was labeled an “antisocial psychopath” by a psychologist at his trial is suing Nike in a products liability lawsuit. The pimp brutally stomped a man’s face while wearing Nike shoes when the man refused to pay one of his prostitutes.

According to IBTimes, “Clardy received a 100-year prison sentence for the beating and subsequent robbing of the man, and for beating the 18-year-old woman he forced into prostitution. The man required plastic surgery and the woman bled from the ears. In 2013 jurors found him guilty of second-degree assault …

“…He claims Nike should have placed a warning in his Air Jordan shoes to let wearers know that they could be considered a dangerous weapon.”