Funeral Home Sued Over Missing Organs

Posted in Fraud at 4:14 pm by kevin

A funeral home in Valdosta, Georgia is being sued for negligence and fraud over the missing organs of Kendrick Johnson. Johnson was found dead in his high school gym about a year ago and a second autopsy pointed to blunt force trauma as the cause, conflicting will the original findings of the death being an accident.

According to CNN, “The lawsuit revolves around what the owner and employees of Harrington Funeral Home in Valdosta, Georgia, knew about the state of the young man’s body.

“Johnson’s parents were shocked to learn in June, when they ordered a second autopsy, that the young man’s organs were missing and had been replaced with newspaper …

“…In the lawsuit, filed January 31 and amended Wednesday, the family alleges that not only did the funeral home mishandle the organs, it disposed of them to thwart an investigation into Johnson’s cause of death.”