Indianapolis VA Sued

Posted in Medical Malpractice at 5:29 pm by kevin

A 10-year veteran of the Marine Corps is suing an Indianapolis VA hospital for “medical battery” and unspecified damages. This on the heels of the investigation into the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

According to the IndyStar, “Tony Yeary had trouble urinating, so he went to see a doctor at the Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis.

“What happened once he got there in May 2012 is recounted, in gruesome detail, in a lawsuit that the 60-year-old Marine Corps veteran filed against the VA last week in federal court in Indianapolis.

“The Indianapolis resident’s lawsuit describes a medical experience with scenes that harken to medieval times. Little or no painkillers used during a painful medical procedure. Brute force from doctors trying to insert objects in a body cavity. A blood-spattered patient left to fend for himself.”