Virginia Women’s Prison Cruel and Unusual Punishment Healthcare Lawsuit Settled

Posted in Negligence at 3:37 pm by kevin

At the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women, 5 inmates brought forth a federal lawsuit saying that they healthcare was so bad that it violated the ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

According to the Times Dispatch, “Five inmates at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women filed the lawsuit in July 2012 against several Virginia Department of Corrections officials and the private contractor they hired to provide medical care. The plaintiffs alleged that prisoners suffer prolonged pain and deterioration of their health, and that some have even died because their medical needs were unmet.

“U.S. District Judge Norman Moon certified the lawsuit as a class action covering all of the prison’s 1,200 inmates last week … He also ruled in the inmates’ favor on two points — that state prison officials can’t abdicate their responsibility to provide adequate health care by hiring a contractor, and that the plaintiffs had serious medical needs.”