Texas Whistleblower Gets $28,000 Settlement and Old Job Back

Posted in Whistleblower at 4:27 pm by kevin

A Texas whistleblower at the Smith County Sheriff’s department received a settlement for $28,000 and her old job back. She had been seeking $1 million for being demoted for questioning the validly of a document.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph states, “According to her lawsuit, which was seeking $1 million, Ms. Monroe stated she was demoted by Sheriff Larry Smith after she continued to bring up the degree, how she felt it was fraudulent, and her belief that Caulkins was committing theft by using it to garner higher wages.

“However, the document was pushed through, and Caulkins received a pay raise totalling more than $4,000 due to the degree, which proved to be invalid.

“Caulkins and his wife Krista, who also worked for the sheriff’s department and allegedly submitted the invalid degree on her husband’s behalf, entered an agreement with the Smith County District Attorney’s Office last week to avoid prosecution on a second-degree felony of tampering with a government document and public corruption charge.”