Lawsuit: Charlotte, North Carolina School Released Girl to Her Rapist Twice

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According to a lawsuit in Charlotte, North Carolina, a girl who was attending the 7th grade was released by her own school to a man who had taken her to a certain house and sexually assaulted her, and this happened on two occasions. The lawsuit entails that the offender returned the young victim to school to finish the day when each of the incidents happened. The name of the girl was not stated in order to protect her identity as a victim of sexual abuse.

The formal charge against the offender was filed by the student, along with her mother, in court, initiating it to set forth for the court of a claim for relief from the wrongful conduct engaged in and from the damage caused by the perpetrator.

The lawsuit specifically states that the girl was a 7th grade student at the Kipp Academy Charlotte, which is a charter school, when the acts were committed by the offender when the 2013-2014 school year was about to end.

According to the attorneys for the complainants, a man with the name of Demetrius Fetherson has contacted the girl on the 26th of March in 2014 on Facebook. They said that Fetherson told the girl that she was cute and that he would be able to help her with launching a career in modeling. The lawsuit further states that the man then showed up at the girl’s school the following day and checked her out of the premises by claiming that he was her uncle, and that he had to take her to an appointment with a doctor. The exhibits that were filed as part of the suit did not show Fetherson to be listed as one of the people who were authorized to pick the girl up from school. In addition, the list did not even have a certain uncle as an authorized person.

The lawsuit claims that the man had taken the girl to a brick house and engaged in “unconsensual sexual contact” with her, and the same incident happened once more 3 weeks later. Currently, Fetherson is serving time in a state prison after he pled guilty to 2nd-degree rape.

Moreover, the lawsuit also names the Kipp Academy Charlotte, the educational institution’s board of directors and the Kipp Foundation. However, a representative for the school has declined to provide comments during the most recent litigation session, though he did respond to some questions about how the school responded to the incidents.

The director of Finance of Operations for the Kipp Academy Charlotte, Mark Chudzicki, stated that the school had conducted an internal review of procedures and policies after the incidents, and that some of the procedures they implement were changed. But when asked whether the school had notified the parents about the incidents in 2014 or not, he just answered, “I don’t recall.” Also, a voicemail that was left with the offices of the Kipp Foundation in San Francisco, California was not returned.